SKAKA - a new foodtech concept is taking over the market

A new way of presenting, serving and shopping food is now being launched. It is the new foodtech concept SKAKA that is about to be launched. Mikael Ljunggren, among others, is one of the creators of the concept. Modern, neat and very right in time.

SKAKA is a completely robotic F&B concept where a number of servants together with a robotic shaker mix and serve your salad. The food is ordered by you as a guest via an app and you pick it up in the SKAKA (shake) room.

Now the robot is ready and is being trimmed into this. The app is also ready, now the latest features are being developed. And now we need the premises! To SKAKA we are looking for about 50 sqm in a flow-strong position. The operation requires no ventilation other than a regular store and no fat separator.

SKAKA offers a quick, healthy and affordable meal to bring to the office, home or to eat in the park (not this year maybe). And last but not least; SKAKA will also be able to bid on a real show through the shop window and is guaranteed to be a snack ice cream in town!

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