Valuable tenants

Find tenants that will take up your premises in more than one way. For Frontage, letting is a strategic issue. We’ll help you find tenants that complement your other corporate, commercial and restaurant tenants. New tenants that help boost the value of your entire portfolio.



We conduct market research and analysis, and identify potential tenants and businesses for your property.


We help you develop a property profile and an effective strategy for how your space can be optimized with new businesses.

Property development

In collaboration with you, we develop a sustainable development plan that will enable you to achieve your strategic goals.

Find the right tenant

We identify and develop potential tenants, present the properties and arrange showings.


We draw up quotations and leases, and facilitate the ongoing dialogue – until the lease has been signed by both parties.

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Need help finding a particular type of tenant, or are you looking for a long-term partner who can facilitate the process for you?

We can provide temporary services or develop a long-term plan that will fill your property with life and value. We support you every step of the way. From advisory and property development, to finding the right tenants and managing critical negotiations.

Tobin Properties

Projektet Rio

Projektet Rio in Sundbyberg is a new urban development with a large amount of modern housing. Space for shops, restaurants and services is also under construction. Our assignment is to let all the commercial premises in the project. A project that is still in full swing.

This way we’ll achieve the concept underlying the project, which is “charming small town life with an urban feeling”. A blend of small town and big city that provides a vibrant and attractive neighbourhood where new encounters occur naturally.

How can we help you?

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