Using our expertise, experience and extensive network, Frontage provides entire or specific solutions for tomorrow’s retail and meeting spaces: developing new blocks or neighbourhoods, breathing new life into a shopping mall, or adapting existing offerings to new flows. We are visionaries – willing, and wanting, to take the more unconventional approach. We are professional, passionate and highly committed – from idea and analysis to implementation and handover.



We map out the current conditions of the location, properties and markets, and then use these to draw up a project plan.


We develop a couple of conceptual ideas, based on three cornerstones: innovation, the right mix of offerings, and customer value. These are combined with sketches, business and revenue models, and a commercial strategy.


Based on a thorough analysis of the market and competitors, we review and develop the concept, create an action plan and budget, and approach key tenants and partners.


Once the concept is finalised and investment decisions are confirmed, we begin the letting process, with a primary focus on securing key tenants and partners. A detailed project plan and budget are determined.


The concept is optimised, and 98–100% of tenants are secured and co-ordinated in preparation for launch. We handle the market introduction, and then let your management take over, with regular follow-ups in accordance with our agreement.

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How can we help you?

Book a free meeting where we can analyse your establishing, facilitating or letting needs.

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