Property Management

A cared-for property. We monitor your leases, show premises, negotiate with existing and new tenants, follow up key figures and handle ongoing tenant matters. We follow up the long-term strategy for the property and also work with marketing and packaging. The commercial management is done in order to create profitability in your property.



We conduct research and analysis of the market, and identify potential tenants and businesses for your property.

Property Development

Together with you, we create a sustainable development plan that will help you reach your strategic goals. We help to develop a real estate profile and a well thought out strategy for how the premises can be utilized in new businesses.

Find The Right Tenants

We identify and monitor potential tenants, present the property and arrange viewings.


We produce quotes and leases and keep in the ongoing dialogue - all the way until leases are signed by both parties.


We are responsible for the commercial management of the property or commercial premises involving the management of leases, ongoing tenant contracts and marketing.

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We know that the relationship with existing tenants is very important. Our commercial management spends a lot of time maintaining a good relationship with your existing tenants. We conduct regular meetings, have a close dialogue and we are responsive to your tenants' needs and wishes. When it is time, we also assist with both termination and renegotiation of the leases. We develop lease agreements and construct contract templates according to your wishes.



For some time now, we have entered as a partner to the City of Stockholm and the municipal housing company Familjebostäder in an interim solution to revitalize the Rinkeby street. The area connects Rinkeby Torg with the Järvafältet and the new residential area Rinkebyterrassen, northwest of Stockholm's inner city.

The property owner's vision is to develop the area, and at the same time to help create the future city - together with local tenants to develop an attractive trade and meeting place for residents, visitors and those working in the area. And there is a strong desire to create a trading place that appeals to many, where there is something for all tastes.

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