Some details in our environment tend to stand out more than others, for example the architecture or public spaces such as parks and squares. But this can also apply to a new shopping street – with all its desirable retail outlets, restaurants and cosy cafés.

What unifies these details is that they’re all part of a larger story. A story where every chapter represents a different aspect of human life and destiny. Commercial investments also help us shape our experiences. And enable us to understand how we experience a visit to our shared environment.

For Frontage, this understanding is important. Our aim is to make a positive impact on other people’s lives and their daily existence, which is why our mission to play a contributory role in the creation of flourishing businesses. Businesses that help residents and visitors create memorable associations with their experiences in our urban environments.

Our part in this process is to help our clients recognise the inherent potential and opportunities that they might otherwise miss. It’s a task that we fulfil in all our roles. As brokers to the country’s most enterprising commercial property owners. Or as a consultant and establishment partner to the world’s leading retail players and restaurateurs.

Our goal is to act as your faithful and committed right-hand advisor throughout the transaction. To always be on hand with loyalty, responsibility and respect. During the process we contribute guidance, expertise and our extensive network. Always with the aim of completing a successful transaction.

We’d like to believe that our efforts contribute to ensuring a harmonious and sustainable cityscape. A leading edge city, where life is experienced through different concepts and meets real needs. Where successful establishment, facilitation and letting serve as a showcase, a shop window that invites the outside world in and help the city to grow.

Team members

Simon Madoson


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Pernilla Karvia


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Jacob Ibrahim


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My Roussakoff

Retail Consultant

+46 (0)70-984 84 80

Mikael Ljunggren


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Jannika Ahl

Project Manager

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Jani Lindblad


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