Establishing successfully

Make sure that your establishment project lives up to your expectations. For us, it’s important to act as your right-hand advisor throughout your establishment journey. We help you find a space that does you justice. And as your partner we’ll accompany you every step of the way. All the way to the finish line.



We conduct market research and analysis, and identify potential commercial locations for your establishment project.


We develop presentations and pitch concepts to potential landlords.

Search assignments

We identify the most attractive spaces on the market – premises and locations that will help you achieve your goals.


We assist in negotiating leases and modifying premises to benefit you. We also manage ongoing discussions.


We ensure that all related dealings with banks and credit institutions are managed in a professional manner and ensure the optimum conditions.

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Need support with a specific project or are you looking for a long-term partner to help you during your establishment process?

Our flexible offer will allow you to get help with a particular aspect or you can transfer all the responsibility to us. It all depends on what suits you best. We offer advisory, conceptualisation, search assignments, negotiation and financing.


A town house in the heart of Stockholm

Nosh&Chow lives a life of its own from morning to night. Their town house in Stockholm city is equally suited to a business lunch as it to an after-dinner cocktail or a late night in the inner courtyard.

Everything takes place in an environment that blends Catalan aesthetics with French decadence. An environment signed by interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán, whose previous works include Boca Grande and Big Fish in Barcelona.

A Day’s March

Tasty design of the highest quality at affordable price

This Swedish brand of men’s clothing was created in 2014. The concept of A Day’s March is to offer basic garments and discerning design of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Frontage has assisted A Day’s March throughout its journey of expansion, from the opening of its first shop, to the current five shops in operation.

Thanks to A Day's March, customers can get through the day with style and dignity, be it a hectic day at the office, a day on the beach with an ice cream, or a wedding day.


A natural meeting point for all coffee lovers

Löfbergs coffee has been a byword for quality and guaranteed taste since 1906. It was also one of the first companies to sell organic coffee in Sweden.

Frontage helped Lofbergs to establish Löfbergs Rosteri och Kaffebar at Kungsgatan 3 in Stockholm. A natural meeting place for all coffee buffs.

On Kungsgatan, visitors can browse through the world of coffee and learn about the craftsmanship, the flavours and the exciting stories. They can also participate in coffee testing, training sessions and various get-togethers.

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