Not just the new black

This thing about creating a leading edge city – how does one go about it? How does one transform a city district, a neighbourhood or a new shopping centre into an area that people want to visit? An area that not only gives the impression of being “the new black” but also reflects life and pulse, and can sustain these in the long run?

This is a question that we are choosing to answer by committing to a strong philosophy and a lifestyle, the aim of which is to understand the needs of our fellow human beings and our community.

We study how people move around cities and how they spend their days and hours creating memorable moments. And by using our own humanity, we ask ourselves if we would want to go there. Does the area seem friendly? Would we like to eat there? Would we like to shop there? Is the atmosphere welcoming? Who else is establishing in the area? And much more than this. In short, we believe that every detail is equally important. Because it’s only when you assemble them into a single large equation that you can really determine the way forward.

In other words, we believe in the art of finding the right answers, and we take every step to highlight a feeling of originality. One day maybe in an area near you.

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