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The Food and Beverage sector has long been one of our foremost areas of expertise, as well as a genuine passion. Restaurants and cafés not only shape the social-urban landscape, they’re also a central element in most people’s idea of the concept of quality of life – they are our public living rooms. But establishment processes hold certain challenges that are not as common in other contexts.

Establishing a new restaurant usually requires numerous installations in a property, which may range from ventilation, water and drainage to fat separators, waste disposal facilities and beer taps. And the logistics are crucial; how are deliveries made? What kind of trucks deliver the supplies and how often? Goods are rarely delivered through the front entrance because pallets of food and beverages don’t usually blend into the dining room decor.

Frontage acts as a bridge between tenants and landlords. Our expertise and our contacts ensure that your wishes are realised. This will often involve determining the lease prerequisites and the necessary adjustments to a property. We understand the needs and the challenges of the sector – and we’ve facilitated a wide range of establishments, from small, newly-established cafés with limited contacts in the rental market, to restaurant concepts such as Vigårda and major chains such as Espresso House that need to strengthen their position and find new commercial locations. The Food and Beverage sector is our oyster, and we are proud to have played our part in shaping the city’s silhouette and all its living rooms.

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