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If you’re unfamiliar with the Swedish market, it can be tricky to know which cities to establish in and in what order, which can be crucial to your positioning. You’ve probably heard that Nytorget is “hip”, but this kind exposure is obviously not right for every brand. A central location on the map can also mean an empty backstreet behind a cluster of nightclubs.

Frontage will support you through every stage of your establishment process. For international players, finding the right legal advice is often essential, because their own lawyers aren’t always familiar with Swedish rental regulations. We provide guidance on recruitment and collective agreements. We also have contacts with construction companies that can build shops and restaurants, which might otherwise be a barrier to establishment if without the right access.

Even in the Nordic countries there are vital differences. Although Nordic cultures are very similar, rental legislation differs. If you lack local knowledge, you risk taking up a lease that you have no control over. Our extensive network, combined with our knowledge of PropTech, real estate economics and rental law, always guarantees a successful establishment.

Customer flow analysis is an additional piece of the jigsaw – how do weekdays differ from weekends, or days from evenings? Footfall is an important factor for the vast majority of clients, and it plays a part in planning sales, scheduling staff and adjusting opening hours. If you relocate your business into an area with higher footfall, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your conversion rate will increase, or it could actually do that.

When we helped Hööks, Scandinavia’s leading equestrian company, to establish its first city store, it was on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Their shops are normally located in secondary and tertiary retail areas with high conversion rates but low footfall. On Kungsgatan, Hööks was surrounded by shops that had lower conversion rates but with higher footfall than they were used to – hence they could reach a broader, more fashion-oriented target group, and their range has changed completely. In this case, we helped develop the brand, something we wouldn’t have been able to do without market understanding.

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