Social Responsibility (the new city)

As actors working to shape the cityscape, we consider that social responsibility is deeply ingrained, both inside and outside, our core business. That could be anything from supporting a new concept of thought - which wants to promote a more sustainable society - to cooperation with the municipality in the development of vulnerable areas.

For some time, we have been a partner to Stockholm City and the municipal housing company, Familjebostäder, in an interim project to revitalize Rinkebystråket. The area connects Rinkeby Torg with Järvafältet and the new residential area of Rinkebyterrassen, northwest of Stockholm’s inner city.

The real estate owner’s vision is to develop the area, whilst, at the same time, helping to create a city for the future – to develop this together with local tenants into an attractive business and meeting place for residents, visitors and those working in the area. And there is a strong desire to create a retail district that appeals to many, where there is something for all tastes.

Several commercial areas have been designed to regenerate the area, while 450 new apartments have been completed as well – which, in turn, generates a foundation for new businesses. Our role is to continue this development work, as there are still premises that need new concepts, and we will be working together with those already available today. We will also initiate cooperation with the local centre – to draw people to both market places, where a variety of cultures freely mix.

There are, of course, several challenges. Language barriers can make it extra important to have crystal clear, and simple, agreements. There we have a great responsibility as a representative for family housing; we must ensure that new tenants understand the agreement. Shortcomings in each premise need to be addressed while providing advice and support for businesses that need such locations to develop.

Clarity and structure, perhaps the two most important factors, are something we can contribute through our knowledge and experience. Ultimately, it is about understanding what added value the end customer may appreciate. But to get there, any difficulties must be overcome first. With a better and more sustainable environment, people get the opportunity to grow into new roles. Then the story can change, and thus also our self-image. Then the value of both the city and the people in it can rise up, without limits.

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