London Report

As in Sweden, the UK has received its fair share of challenges with changing consumer behavior and structural changes in retail. To that we add Brexit with everything that it might mean. But after just a short time in London, we can see that the city still very much feels like a lush commercial city with well-visited stores that generate high bag indexes interspersed with both trendy as well as classic restaurants, bars and cafes with packed tables. Vibrant, vibrant and just as it should be in London.

Shopping worthy of a big city
London with its large retail offering showcases both major flagship stores and niche concept stores. The phrase “something for everyone” feels like it originated in this particular city. The large number of tourists who shop for shopping side by side with all the Londoners creates a massive flow on the streets that causes the eyes to be wiped with happiness on every landlord and establishment.

For shopping in the big chains and in premium stores, Regent Street and Oxford Street apply. Here there is high pressure on the crowded streets and we saw some occasional vacations, but nothing remarkable. This area also has the highest rents in London. On New Bond Street and the surrounding neighborhoods, you will find slightly smaller brand stores where almost all are exclusively in the premium or luxury segment. These streets have a narrower target group and are calmer. If you visit Savile Row you get an insight into London’s fine tailoring traditions. Stylish to say the least.

London has a number of large department stores being the most classic is Harrods’s. Those who want to shop for premium and luxury visit Harvey Nichols, Selfridges or Libertys. For budget, Primark. The other department stores you can skip, they do not feel very interesting and seem to go to an uncertain future.

A visit to the ever-current Covent Garden is a must when you are in London. This district is partly characterized by low-rise buildings and pedestrian streets. How much it does to the environment and the feeling! Please note how to work with the street space in the form of benches, plants and play areas. Here you will find a plethora of branded stores in different price ranges, each of which has its own statement. In Covent Garden you can see a super trendy brand lying next to the most traditional English pub you can imagine.

An interesting neighborhood development project to visit is Cole Drop Yards. Here, from an old railway area where secret rave parties were held at night (we have heard from a safe source), an area with an eclectic mix of trendy shops and eateries has been developed. The area is bordered by Regent’s Canal, take a stroll along it and have a look at the canal boats, one of which is actually a floating barber shop. And on the way from there, don’t miss the Harry Potter store at Kings Cross Station.

Discovering London is the conceptualized stores with a second-hand range that really inspires. This is an area that can really develop in the Swedish market. Visit Rokit’s Vintage, Picknweight and a number of stores on Portobello Road. Nicely packaged, personal and durable.

Stroll around the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area, these are parts of London that are constantly updated and offer surprises. Visit Boxpark, which is innovative container solutions with, to say the least, a unique and niche offering. Here you can shop for trendy brands, eat and drink in the coolest places or why not visit Get A Drip, which by injecting a mix of vitamins says it can cure both colds, jet lag and hangovers. Boxpark is found in several places in London.

Fun and things to do, wow!
About things to do in London it has certainly written gap miles and we do not aspire to break it. But of course; all the sights, the football, the museums and the musicals make it easy for you to stay here for a long time and have very, very nice. We chose a musical evening and can highly recommend & Juliet at the Shaftesbury Theater, which is a modern and up-to-date version of Shakespeare’s classic work Romeo & Julia. A homage to our own Max Martin and his amazing work.

And finally the best of all – the food and the drink
London offers a wide and fantastic selection of food and drink. You will not go hungry from here and you, your mouth and your stomach will surely get many wonderful experiences together. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, drink; The places are countless and we dare to promise experiences and inspiration. The following is only a small fraction, there are many more cafes, bars and restaurants to discover. Here are some of our favorites:

Baltazar – Classic menu and excellent service, also suitable for brunch and lunch
Albion – Classic menu in trendy vintage
Le Pain Quotidien – International chain

Avobar – Come early or be prepared to queue
Frenchie – Chef’s feel, handsome and caring
Seven Dials Market – Modern and very popular food hall

Afteroon Tea
The Library at Country Hall, Marriott Hotel – Overlooking the Thames and Big Ben, free flowing champagne (just one thing)
The Harrods Tea Room – Could it be more charming?

Beers and Fish & Chips
Any traditional English pub Comments superfluous

Hakkasan – International chain, fantastic Asian crossover menu
Oren – Trendy, trendy
Bibendum – A real classic
Fatt Pundit – Modern Indian cuisine
Roka – Japanese restaurant that received several awards
Barrafina – Spanish concept, available at a number of addresses

14 Hills – Trendy, neat and overlooking London
The Savoy Hotel’s Beaufort Bar – Exclusive, can be difficult to get into on weekends
The Mandrake Hotel – Nice hotel bar
The Connaught – Award-winning bar in the master class that makes the absolute coolest drinks

Nice trip, London calling!

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