Seamless facilitation

Find the right company to take up your space. One that can take over your lease or your entire store concept. No matter what you’re looking for we can match your needs. We have both the network and the skill set to broker your property transaction successfully. And we do it on your terms.



We appraise the existing business or premises and enable the creation of a complete needs profile.


We carry out market research and analysis of market needs, identify potential buyers and conduct showings.


We arrange discreet property showings and liaise between stakeholders. Between sellers, buyers and landlords.


We prepare necessary documentation such as purchase agreements and title-transfer applications. An assignment that is only completed when the lease is signed.


We facilitate all contacts with banks and credit institutions, and ensure that transactions are managed in a professional manner.

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Need help with a certain phase of a property transaction, or are you looking for a long-term partner who can facilitate the whole process for you?

You can always rely on Frontage to find a solution that suits your needs. Our agency offers advisory, appraisal, negotiation, settlement and financing services. And if you need legal advice, we can arrange that too.


A successful outcome

We were entrusted to find a buyer for a modern, well-established bar in central Stockholm. In this case, the key to a successful match was to work methodically and strategically, with a high degree of confidentiality. For this reason only a few contacts were made at a time.

This enabled us to find a seamless solution. We’d already had discussions with one potential buyer when the final buyer came into the picture, and the transaction was completed successfully.

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