Contacts, networks and partnerships

Close, personal relationships have always been vital to our approach. We work proactively through our network of contacts, and this first-hand information enables us to know when a property is about to enter the market, when an existing customer is about to relocate, or when a business is about to change and a client is about to divide its retail space.

Contacts and partnerships are also important to us. For example, last year we provided expertise to HUI, the Swedish Retail Institute. And in our capacity as an exclusive partner to the trade association Swedish Textile Retailers, we also enjoy a unique relationship with the fashion industry. By virtue of this kind of partnership, we can offer advisory on rental law related to establishment projects and the renegotiation of lease agreements – something that only we can offer to the garment and shoe industries.

We can also help smaller companies with limited contacts in the property market to devise an entire strategy – from selecting the right target cities and areas to providing support with contacts and advisory on finance and rental levels. We can enable major players to strengthen their positions over a period of time, in order to consolidate or fence off a specific location.

In retailing, we have assisted international brands such as Löfbergs and Swedish Match to establish concept stores as well as smaller local players such as A Day’s March and Haga Tårtcompani with strategy, analysis and establishment projects. Whether these involve large units with strategic, long-term processes, concept stores, or less “outreaching” activities, none of our clients need to finish in second place.

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